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Residential & Commercial Plumbing

Here at Quick Relief Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, our plumbers are licensed and highly professional with 50+ years of combined experience. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a high quality fix done right the first time. View our various plumbing services below.

Sewer & Drain Cleaning

We clearing clogs from sewer and drain lines with heavy duty, professional electric sewer and drain equipment.

Clogs in a sewer line can be caused by root infiltration, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, wet wipes, a collapsed pipe, pipe separation, improper installation, low spot in line from ground settlement, and poor pipe conditions. Clogs in secondary drain lines can be from scale build up, garbage disposal debris, grease, hair, bad installation, a compromised pipe, or backup from the sewer into the smaller pipe.

Sewer & Drain Line Video Inspection

We use high quality color video sewer scopes to inspect your drain lines. Because of the high quality video image we can accurately diagnose problems in your sewer and drain lines. The video is recorded on to a thumb drive for record keeping. Once the problem is found we can pinpoint the location in the pipe with our digital locator, which takes the guesswork out of repairs.

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Root Treatment / Sewer & Drain Line Maintenance

We can treat your sewer line for root intrusion to prevent further damage and infiltration. We offer routine drain maintenance programs to keep your drains flowing.

Water Heater Repair

We repair all brands and types of water heaters – tank, tankless, gas, electric, power vent, direct vent, residential and commercial.


We repair, replace and install Insta-Hot water heaters. Insta-Hot water heaters give you near boiling water instantly with a separate spout at your kitchen sink. They’re really convenient for making tea, coffee, and soup.

Garbage Disposals

We repair, replace and install all brands of garbage disposals. We can unjam or unclog your garbage disposal or replace it if necessary. We install high quality Pro Series ISE garbage disposals with extended warranties when purchased through us.

Kitchen Faucets

We install, repair and replace all makes and models of kitchen faucets. Stop annoying drips that cause staining or scale build up. If you like your faucet, we’ll overhaul it back to new operating condition. We can also replace your kitchen faucet when needed or wanted as well.

Bathroom Faucets

We install, repair and replace all makes and models of bathroom faucets. Stop annoying drips that cause staining or scale build up. If you like your current bathroom faucet, we can service it back to new operating condition. We can also replace your bathroom faucet when needed or wanted too.

Tub / Shower Faucet

We install, repair and replace all makes and models of tub/shower faucets. Stop the annoying drips that cause staining or scale build up. We can rebuild your current tub/shower faucet back to new operating condition. In addition, we can replace your tub/shower faucet with a brand new one as well.

Toilet Install & Repair

We install, repair and replace all brands and styles of toilets. We can rebuild your toilet back to like-new condition or replace old inefficient flushing toilets with new powerful, water-efficient toilets. We also offer toilet flange repair. The flange is what secures the toilet to the floor and can become compromised over time resulting in a water leak that can damage the floor. We replace or repair broken stool flanges with stainless steel – it’s strong and won’t rust or break.

Sump Pumps

We install repair and replace sump pumps. When we replace a pump we clean any debris out of sump pit and install the new pump with union type check valves to prevent any chance of water leak. Most plumbers use check valves with rubber couplings and hose clamps that can blow apart and flood the basement. We use only pressure rated PVC fittings when installing sump pumps. Our sump pumps are water cooled allowing them to run 24-7 without overheating.

Battery Back-up Sump Pumps

We install, repair and replace all brands and styles of battery back-up sump pumps. Let us install a pro-grade, battery back-up pump with monitoring and smart home connections to alert you in case of a failure giving you the most protection possible.

Gas Leak Repair

We offer gas leak detection and repairs. This is something you’ll want to handle sooner than later since gas leaks can be flammable and pose a great danger. If you think your home or business has a gas leak, call us immediately. 913-207-0779

Gas Line Installation

We install new gas lines for ranges, fire pits, grills, garage heaters, outdoor heaters, pool heaters, and more. We can work with any yard, structure, or custom ideas you might have.

Plumbing Inspections

We’ll inspect your entire plumbing system to find any possible failures, safety concerns, or repairs needed to prevent future damage. Maintenance and inspections done before a problem can often save you tons of money down the road before a leak turns into mold or a flood.

Basement Finish Plumbing

We’ll install plumbing for finished basements, new bathrooms, bars and kitchens. We can saw cut concrete to move or install new plumbing below the slab. We also install water and drain lines for new additions as well. If you have custom ideas, we have custom solutions.

Water Treatment

We sale, service, and install water softener, chlorine carbon filters, and reverse osmosis filters. We also can perform in-home water testing and filter changes. If you’re concerned about the water your family drinks every day, setup an appointment for us to test your water and give you various options.

Bathroom Remodeling Plumbing

Let us install, move or change plumbing drains, vents and water lines to accommodate your new bathroom remodel. We can plumb anything to match your new add-on or renovation.

Kitchen Remodel Plumbing

Let us accommodate your new kitchen remodel by installing, moving or changing drains, vents and water lines. We can also install ice makers and dishwashers.

Quality Over Quantity!

As a small, family company, our two plumbers have over 50 years of experience in all aspects of plumbing that you can rely on. We also work 24/7 so you can rely on our experience anytime!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our job is never finished until you’re satisfied. We put forth our best effort every time to meet and exceed your expectations. When it comes to Kansas Plumbing Services, no one provides better results than Quick Relief Plumbing. You can count on quality work and great customer service.

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