As with many professions plumbing has many different specialties within the industry. Residential Kansas City plumbing services is one of those specialties. Residential Kansas City plumbing is very rewarding, for example when someone calls us with an emergency such as broken pipe, or sump pump not working in the middle of a downpour we get the opportunity to save their home from flooding preventing thousands of dollars in damages. I can not count how many times I have been told “you are a life safer”. I know we did not literally save their life but it is great to know that we made a huge difference in their life. Anyone that has lost thousands of dollars, priceless personal effects and has had their life turned upside down due to an unforeseen event like water or fire damage knows what I am talking about.

Each and every time we step foot into one of our customers homes we treat their home as if it were our own. We use shoe covers and tarps to keep from tracking the outside in and always leave it cleaner than we found it. While at your home we not only repair what we were hired to repair but we also bring up any concerns we see with your Kansas City plumbing system making you aware of any potential problems down the road.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning is part of residential plumbing and one of the many services we offer. Every homeowner will experience a clogged drain at least once in their lifetime if not many. There is a lot more to drain cleaning than just running a cable down the drain. Experience and knowledge is everything when it comes to sewer and drain cleaning. The machines used to clear blocked drains are very powerful and can injure an inexperienced person very easily. Knowing where to enter a drain, what cutter to use for what blockage and extensive knowledge in how plumbing drains are installed is essential in effectively and safely clearing blockages. We use professional drain cleaning equipment and practices to get you flowing and keep you flowing.

Video Inspections of sewer and drain lines is another service we offer for residential Kansas City plumbing. Sometimes a drain is unable to be opened and requires a video inspection to locate the cause of the problem. Once we find the problem we can decide what the best course of action will be. Sometimes this involves replacing all or some of the line. Without having a clear video image and locating ability it would all become guess work. Our sewer video inspection and location equipment is state of the art and takes the guess work out of costly repairs.

Water heaters are one of the more costly Kansas City plumbing appliances in your home and also often overlooked when it comes to maintenance. Some water heaters are self cleaning and require very little maintenance while others are not and should be flushed at least twice a year. Tankless water heaters require even more maintenance and need to be descaled every year. Proper maintenance on your water heater will keep it operating safely and efficiently for many years. We repair, maintain and replace all brands of water heaters, tank and tankless.

Toilets are underappreciated until it is not working, like many things in life we take for granted until we have to do without toilets are no exception. We service all brands of toilets and can tune them up to flush like new. Sometimes a toilet can be beyond repair and needs to be replaced, we offer the best flushing toilets available or can install one that you purchase.

Sump Pumps are very much a necessity in most Kansas city homes. With the crazy thunderstorms we have here that can drop over an inch of rain per hour it is imperative that you keep your sump pump in top operating condition. The difference between a bad sump pump and a good one can mean thousands of dollars in water damage. In Finished basements a battery back up sump pump is a great addition to the main sump pump, operating when the main pump fails or during a power outage.
We offer many different sump pump and battery back up sump pump options to fit your budget and needs. Some pumps are field repairable but many are not, we can test your pump to see if it is operational and performing like it should.

Garbage Disposals can leak, seize up or even cause your drain to clog. A properly operating garbage disposal when used correctly is a great convenience, but one that is worn or leaking can create havoc in your kitchen and it is usually around the holidays. We carry several different garbage disposals and can install one that best suits your needs. Like sump pumps most garbage disposals are not field repairable and often when they break will need to be replaced.

Faucet repair is increasingly a lost art within the Kansas City plumbing community. I find many instances where a homeowner was told “it needs to be replaced” when in fact it is repairable. In todays culture it seems like everything is disposable including faucets. While some faucets are pretty much junk and will only give a couple years of service before needing to be replaced many still are repairable and should give you many years of operation. If it is repairable we can repair it, or if you just want something new we can replace it as well. The biggest complaint we hear about faucets is the pressure is low. This is usually because of manufacturers design or government mandated flow restrictors in the faucet. We can remove some of these restrictors to give you much better flow and pressure.

Gas Lines run throughout your home from the meter outside to every gas using appliance in the home. We can install new gas lines, for example switching from an electric range to a gas range or adding gas to a BBQ or firepit. We also repair gas leaks and test for gas leaks