Quick Relief Plumbing started in 2012 with the idea of serving the community with superior plumbing service and quality workmanship. Owner Anthony Ficara grew up in the plumbing industry working along side his father starting at the age of 5. At first Anthony would run back and forth to the truck getting whatever tools or material his father needed. Eventually that progressed to small plumbing tasks including learning to solder copper pipe, repairing toilets and faucets and eventually moving up to the harder tasks. After many years of hard work learning and implementing what he learned Anthony realized he had a great passion for the plumbing industry & decided to make a career out of plumbing. At age 16 Anthony started with a plumbing company in Kansas city plumbing new homes. There are many different aspects to plumbing and new construction was new to Anthony. He quickly picked it up and began plumbing whole homes on his own by age 17. The company he worked for plumbed about 300 homes a year from smaller 3 bedroom 2.5 bath homes to multi million dollar homes. Each step along the way there was more and more to learn. At age 18 Anthony was plumbing mostly multi million dollar homes each one with there own unique challenges. This taught Anthony that wherever there is a problem there is a solution. Many of times the homeowner would request something that has not been done before or that seemed impossible. Anthony was always up for the challenge, which helped him to grow into a true problem solver.

Around age 19-20, Anthony left new construction plumbing and started at a new company in Kansas City that primarily focused on plumbing repairs and drain cleaning. Reaching into his experience growing up in the plumbing repair and drain cleaning side of plumbing this was a very easy transition as well as picking up the knowledge and experience that new construction plumbing gave Anthony he quickly rose to the top within the company. Most repairs were a breeze but on occasion there would be something he never came across before, this is where the problem solving skills really came in handy. One of the best examples is a 15 story office building that only had hot water to the upper two floors, all the floors below could not get hot water. After the company sent there two top service techs out to solve the problem and failed Anthony was sent out to see what he could find. The other two service techs were convinced that due too the age of the building that the pipes must be clogged and thus preventing hot water to make it from the water heaters on the roof to the lower levels. After Hearing their theory Anthony checked it out and found great pressure coming out of the hot side on all faucets even on the first floor. There was no way it was from a clogged water line. After inspecting the water heaters he found a recirculating line that was no longer being used but was still connected to the system. This line has check valves on it which allow the water to only flow one way, if one of these check valves were to go bad cold water would be able to backflow into the hot line starting on the first floor. Anthony assumed it was a bad check valve and cut out the old valve and installed a new check valve, all hot water was restored to the building. Soon after that Anthony was the service tech to go to with difficult plumbing repairs.

At age 24, Anthony received his master Kansas City plumbing license and began working for a smaller plumbing company with hopes to one day start his own plumbing and drain cleaning company. The new company Anthony worked for was very small, in fact Anthony was the only plumber for 2 out of the 3 years he worked there. The owner of the company stayed in the office and Anthony took care of all the plumbing and drain cleaning calls. This company focused on the same as the last company except they also did all the warranty work on State/A.O. Smith water heaters and water treatment. Over the next 3 years Anthony learned as much as he could about the more technical side of plumbing. Working on commercial water heaters with lots of electronics and learning how to diagnose and repair was a new challenge and very rewarding. Water treatment was also a new challenge and one Anthony enjoyed very much, excelling in both these new areas of plumbing. All of the different experiences and all the training is what has made Anthony into the plumber he is today.

From The Owner

Hello Kansas City! My story above is one that has shaped me into the plumber I am today. I have a true passion for plumbing and thirst for knowledge within the Kansas City plumbing industry. I am not one that says “I’ve seen it all and done it all” because that is not true of anyone. There is always room for improvement and always something new to learn. Our society is ever changing and the needs and wants of people are changing with it. Technology has never moved this fast before and it’s the same within the plumbing industry. Just when you think there is nothing new to learn something new is introduced to the Kansas City plumbing industry. If the plumbing industry was not constantly evolving and improving I think it would become boring. Every challenge that we come across and solve gives us the sense of accomplishment which is very rewarding.

After 21 years in the Kansas City plumbing industry, I am still very much passionate about it and enjoy what I do very much. I am very proud of the company I have built and continue to build. My goal is to provide the very best service we can along with top quality workmanship in solving our customers Kansas City plumbing problems, big or small. We strive to ensure every customer is completely satisfied when we are finished.